August 12-17, 2018


North Shore Tour 5 days/6 nights
40-60km per day

  1. Day 1
    Arrival Day Accommodations - Charlottetown Dinner suggestions - TBD
    12 AUG
  2. Day 2
    Cycle Tour Day #1 CYCLE 60km Charlottetown to Kensington - Trail Lunch suggestions: TBD Accommodations: Kensington Dinner suggestions: TBD
    13 AUG
  3. Day 3
    Cycle Tour Day #2 CYCLE 45km Kensington to Cavendish - Trail and road Lunch suggestions: TBD Accommodations: Cavendish Dinner suggestions: TBD
    14 AUG
  4. Day 4
    Cycle Tour Day #3 CYCLE 40km or 55km Cavendish to Dalvay by the Sea - Paved Bike path and Road Lunch suggestions: TBD Accommodations: Dalvay/St. Andrews Dinner suggestion: TBD
    15 AUG
  5. Day 5
    Cycle Tour Day #4 CYCLE 58km Dalvay by the Sea to St. Peter’s Bay and Greenwich National Park - road/trail Lunch Suggestions: TBD Accommodations: St. Peter's Bay Dinner suggestion: TBD
    16 AUG
  6. Day 6
    Cycle Tour Day #5 CYCLE 54km St. Peter’s Bay to East Point Lighthouse – road/trail Lunch suggestions: TBD SHUTTLE to Charlottetown Accommodations: Charlottetown Dinner suggestion: TBD
    17 AUG
  7. Day 7
    Departure Day
    18 AUG