Our Apparel

PEI Cycling Tours is proud to be associated with KitPatron, a Canadian social enterprise operated by Tribe Solutions.
Kit Patron partners with Champion System providing cycling apparel to g lobal athletes of all abilities including  Olympians and Tour de France teams. 

That is all to say, it's a perfect fit (pun intended) for us and YOU! 
You get amazing quality cycling gear at a great price delivered right to your door and we all get a better world.

Here's how: proceeds of ALL sales in our store are donated to Stars for Life Foundation for Autism.
The Foundation is committed to creating a quality of life for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, fully included in their community; with a commitment to continued education, life and job skills training and inclusion.

Proceeds go toward buying adaptive bicycles so that clients of Stars for Life can enjoy the great outdoors and feel a sense of freedom and control. 


Our Bikes

  1. Evo E-bike
    Evo E-bike
  2. Del Sol E-bike
    Del Sol E-bike
  3. Giant Escape
    Giant Escape
  4. Giant TCX SLR
    Giant TCX SLR
  5. Giant Alight
    Giant Alight
  6. Giant Flourish
    Giant Flourish
  7. Giant Rove
    Giant Rove
  8. Giant Roam
    Giant Roam
PEI Cycling Tours has an extensive fleet of bicycles including:
comfort step-throughs, hybrids (most popular), cyclocross and E-bikes.

Our bikes are only available to those touring with us and are included in your tour price, unless you are bringing your own bike. We order new bikes frequently and maintain our fleet regularly. Simply put, our bikes are awesome and our customers love them. 
The bikes pictured above represent our main fleet, but we do have other miscellaneous bikes we've carried over from last year. They include a mix of hybrids, comfort and E-bikes.

Our Accessories

All PEI Cycling Tours bikes come with a back rack and day trunk bag, bottle cages, and bells.
We also have handlebar bags and panniers if you prefer them.

Complimentary PEI Cycling Tour water bottles are also available.

If you would like to use your own cycling shoes, we ask that you bring your own pedals. If that isn't possible, just let us know and we'll be able to rent you a pair of SPD pedals for the duration of your tour.

If you would like to bring your own saddle, please do. You can bring the whole seat post with saddle if you wish but it may not fit our seat tube, so it may be best to detach the saddle from your seat post and toss it in your suitcase. We'll get you set up during your tour prep upon arrival.

If you are bringing your GPS gear, we just ask that you bring the appropriate rubber padding and zip ties so as to not damage the frame or handlebar.

  1. Group Tours
    Group Tours
  2. E-bike Tours
    E-bike Tours
  3. Beaches and Cliffs
    Beaches and Cliffs