Terms and Conditions


1. A 50% deposit is required upon booking if 30 days prior to the beginning of a tour. This is to reserve bike rentals, secure guides, accommodations, shuttle service, luggage transfers, restaurant reservations
and catering. The remaining 50% is due no later than 14 days prior to the beginning of your tour. Payment is required in full if booking less than 30 days before the start of the tour. 

2. Payments can be made by e-transfer, credit card or cheque.

3. Cancellations will require notification to be done by the person booking the tour. 
A cancellation made 30 days or more prior to the start of the tour will result in 100% refund if the tour spot can be filled. If the tour spot cannot be filled this will result in 50% of cost of the tour. 
A cancellation made 1-30 days before the beginning of tour will result in 100% of the cost of the tour.

4. No refunds will be made for no-shows or from changing your mind on the day of the tour due to illness, weather or other reasons not in the control of PEI Cycling Tours.

Terms and Liability
1. I agree that in this release, "The Activity" means the guided activity or hire of equipment that I am obtaining from PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted companies). I am providing this release in consideration for PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted parties) agreeing to me taking part in the Activity.

2. I am aware that taking part in this Activity involves certain inherent risks, including inclement weather, rough conditions, navigational difficulties, collisions, hypothermia, illness 
and accidents and might:
a. Cause me or others injury or loss.
b. Damage my or others property.

3. Despite these risks, I wish to take part in the Activity. I accept sole responsibility for my own safety and for the above risks.

4. I will not make any claim against PEI Cycling Tours or its officers, employee or agents in respect of my taking part in the Activity, including for:
a. Any injury or loss suffered by me or others.
b. Any damage to any of my or other property regardless of how the injury, loss or damage

5. I agree that PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted parties) is not responsible for any damage, expense or inconvenience caused by late arrival 
of transport, change of schedule, vehicle breakdown or events outside its control.

6. PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted parties) has the right to alter itineraries if necessary. I will pay for any additional expenses and receive a refund for any cost savings.

7. I understand that PEI Cycling Tours has the right to:
a. Resell guided activity space without notice if I have not paid in full by the due date.
b. Decline to accept or retain any participant at any time.
c. Cancel guided activities if the minimum number is not obtained.
d. Alter the itinerary as required to ensure a safe and compliant tour.

8. I understand that how I and others in my party undertake the Activity will affect the risks and that PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted parties) have no control over this. I will use the equipment in a safe and proper manner. 

9. I indemnify PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted parties) against all claims, damages or losses (including costs), which it incurs as the direct or indirect result of my taking part in the Activity, including costs or enforcing this release.

10. I am physically fit and there is no health or other reason why I should not participate in the Activity. For guided activities, I consent to receive any medical attention, which PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted parties) considers necessary or desirable, but this does not mean PEI Cycling Tours (or any subcontracted parties) have to arrange medical attention for me.

11. I agree that the laws of Canada and Prince Edward Island apply. I agree that this release is binding on my family, my heirs, my legal assigns and my administrators and executors. I am 18 years of age or older. I have fully read and understood this release before signing it.

12. Any photos taken of me and or my group during a PEI Cycling Tour taken by PEI Cycling Tour require my permission to be used for any promotional purposes by PEI Cycling Tours.

PEI Cycling Tours advise you to purchase sufficient travel, accident, medical, luggage
and cancellation insurance.
If renting a bicycle you are responsible for repair or replacement cost in cases of damage or loss of any item. We reserve the right to charge repair or replacement.

PEI Cycling Tours cannot control the weather which means we can not refund the cost of your tour because of
weather. Our intention is to ride in any weather as long as the weather does not pose any outstanding safety issues. Please be prepared by checking the weather forecast for Prince Edward Island and packing the appropriate clothing.